Passport Printer


Passport Printer

Product Overview

Made in Germany

DILETTA offers a wide range of passport printing technologies with various high security features for your machine readable e-passport. Over 60 years of excellence.

DILETTA 900i with Display ** NEW **

Passport Printer  270 passports per hour!

Passport Printer with Display

DILETTA 900i Standard

Passport Printer  270 passports per hour!

Passport Printer

DILETTA PassProducer One

Passport printer & laminator - Semi Automatic Passport Issuance System

Semi automatic passport production machine

DILETTA Workstation One

Fully Automatic Passport Issuance System

Fully automatic passport production machine

Options for DILETTA Passport Printer

Integrated OCR Reader
Integrated Barcode Reader
Integrated Camera System
Integrated RFID Encoder

Inkjet Passport Printer (discontinued models)

These products have been discontinued and are not available for purchase. However support for the printers are still available such as printer drivers, manuals, etc. For more information, visit our support section.

DILETTA 800i Passport Printer
DILETTA 700i Passport Printer
DILETTA 600i Passport Printer
DILETTA 550i Passport Printer
DILETTA 530i Passport Printer
DILETTA 500i Passport Printer
DILETTA 440i Passport Printer

See also Passport Printer History for older models.

Passport Printer

DILETTA Security and UV Colour Inks

With your DILETTA passport printer you can print individual UV features which are only visible under ultra violet light. DILETTA offers a wide range of various UV colours visible under light wave range 365 or 254 nm.

Passport with UV Feature

Learn more about invisible ultraviolet colour inks

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