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Passport Printer - DILETTA 900i

A new colour and UV colour solution for passport offices

At DILETTA, our mission is to make high security colour and invisible UV colour passport printing easier and faster than ever. With this in mind, we have developed a revolutionary passport printer that takes colour and invisible UV colour passport printing to a whole new level - the new DILETTA 900i passport printers.

With your DILETTA passport printer you can print individual full colour UV features that are only visible under ultraviolet light. DILETTA offers a wide range of special effect inks and various UV colours that are visible under the 365 or 254nm wavelengths.

This is truly the colour passport solution for today's passport printing office.

Passport with UV fluorescent ink printed on DILETTA 900i passport printer
Passport under daylight and uv light

Despite its remarkably low price and compact size, it has several features that meet or exceed all expectations. It offers super high speed printing with high resolution images and a space saving design with convenient front operation. It also offers extremely low running costs and maintenance-free operation. The DILETTA 900i is fully expressive and able to meet on-demand needs quickly and effortlessly.

Two models

The DILETTA 900i passport printer comes in two model variants. As standard with two buttons embedded in the front and multi-coloured LED (left picture). Or optionally as a model with a control panel with several buttons and a graphic display (right picture).

Passport Printer - DILETTA 900i

DILETTA 900i with standard control panel

Passport Printer - DILETTA 900i

DILETTA 900i with display control panel

Easy and secure passport handling

The full-front operation allows easy handling of the passport. The operator inserts the opened passport at the front of the printer and receives the printed and chip-encoded passport also at the front of the printer. The patented passport carriage system ensures secure transport of the passport without smearing or damaging the page - regardless of the thickness of the passport.

Exceptional speed

The DILETTA 900i produces mono, colour or fluorescent colour passport prints at outstanding speeds, using impressive technology that combines bidirectional printing, high speed passport feeding for passports up to 96 pages and state-of-the art print head design.

Quality comes with precision

The DILETTA 900i uses a revolutionary print head to fire tiny drops of ink with remarkable precision. With a high density print head nozzle design, the 900i produces consistently high quality results. The printer automatically selects the optimal image resolution, making it easy to achieve exceptional print quality every time. Bright, fade-resistant inks are also used to ensure prints last longer.

Maintenance free

Gone are the days of downtime for the passport office due to regular printer maintenance and parts replacement. The 900i is the fifth generation passport printer with DILETTA's patented contactless and maintenance-free passport transport system.

The benefits are:

Both the main printer unit and the print head are incredibly durable, so changing one of the individual ink tanks is probably all you will ever need to do. However, telephone support is included in the price, while optional ‘return to base’ service and on-site support is also available when you need it – if you need it.

Perfect for the passport office environment

Designed with the passport office in mind, the DILETTA 900i takes up very little vertical space. Thanks to flat construction and a small, easily accessible control panel, it makes the most of limited office space. Even noise levels have been taken into account. Power consumption has also been taken into account with an energy-saving design.

Cost-saving individual ink tanks

The DILETTA 900i is equipped with highly efficient ink cartridges as standard, so it can easily handle large print volumes. With four independent ink cartridges, you can save money by replacing only the colour you need.

ink tanks

Product Options

RFID Chip Encoding

Contactless RFID chip reader and writer
You can equip your DILETTA 900i passport printer with an optional integrated contactless chip reader / writer. This allows you to write the holder's information in a single pass during the printing process. This eliminates the possibility of writing incorrect information into the passport during a two-step process, which can be caused by operator error. The module supports all ISO 14443 type A and ISO 14443 type B chips with a transmission rate of up to 848 kbps on the air interface.

Barcode Reading

Barcode reader
To avoid mix-ups of passport numbers, you can integrate a barcode reader software module for 1D or 2D barcodes into your DILETTA 900i passport printer. Before starting the print job, the system reads the pre-printed passport number and transfers it to the PC.

OCR Reading

OCR reader
To prevent incorrect passport serial numbers from being entered into your system, you can integrate an OCR reader software module into your DILETTA 900i passport printer. Before starting the print job, the system automatically recognizes and captures the pre-printed passport number with the OCR (optical character recognition) module and transfers it to the connected PC.

Camera System

Camera system
A camera system (camera and LED lighting) is optionally integrated into the DILETTA 900i passport printer. This allows the machine-readable lines to be printed right up to the edge of the page and the holder's data to be printed in the pre-printed fields

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