Fully Automated Passport Personalisation System - DILETTA Workstation One


DILETTA Passport Workstation One

Passport Issuance System

Ultra compact and fully automated passport solution

Made in Germany

Passport Workstation One Fully Automated Passport Production

Exceptional speed

The DILETTA Passport Workstation One produces monochrome and colour passports at outstanding speeds, using impressive technology that combines bi-directional printing and state-of-the-art print head design, high speed passport feeding, lamination and chip encoding. The passport system delivers up to 180 passports per hour.

Automation in a small footprint

The internal structure of the DILETTA Passport Workstation One has been designed to achieve an ultra-compact size for extremely short passport travel distances within the machine. It requires only a limited installation space - allowing it to be freely installed. By specially designing the internal structure, it has been possible to incorporate the functions in a compact and simple form without wasting space. Its compact size allows it to be installed anywhere and to pass through any door frame.

Taiwanese Passport

Basic components

The DILETTA Passport Workstation One comes with the following implemented standard components to ensure fully automated passport personalisation for all government requirements.

Passport In Hopper

Multi Passport Input
Automated magazine

Barcode Reading

Passport Identification
by Barcode or OCR (optional)

Contactless Chip Encoding

Contactless Chip Encoding
for writing of data to contactless chip

Camera System

Integrated Camera System
for optical print alignment (optional)

Passport Printing

Inkjet Printing
Dye-based ink or pigmented ink

Passport Printing

Inkjet Printing (2nd Unit)
Full-colour invisible UV ink or special ink (optional)

Passport Lamination

Security Foil Lamination
for security-overlay on supply roll (other on request)

Passport Reject Tray

Passport Reject Module
for defective passports

Passport Output Tray

Multi Passport Output Box

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Colour print perfection

For those who demand the highest print quality, DILETTA Passport Workstation One is an excellent choice. Each printed page has laser-sharp outlines and clearly defined shades. Top quality printing on all types of security paper, using dye inks and/or fully pigmented inks and/or invisible fluorescent inks. Not only is the printing of machine-readable lines and visuale zones of the highest quality, but also the printing of colour photographs is impressive. This is achieved by the high performance of the print head, which has a resolution of up to 4800 dpi (dots per inch). With two parallel print heads, the DILETTA Passport Workstation One sets the professional standard for colour printing in the passport issuing office.

High capacity ink tanks

DILETTA Passport Workstation One is designed to meet the needs of a busy passport issuing office. The specially designed individual ink tanks can be easily replaced independently, making running costs extremely economical for both mono and colour printing. The DILETTA Inliner comes standard with 150 ml high capacity ink tanks (66 ml for black and 28 ml for each colour ink tank) to easily handle high volume printing requirements.

Security ink cartridges

Easy ink tank replacement

Full front access allows the operator to easily replace each individual ink cartridge.

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