Passport Reader and Travel Document Reader


Document and Passport Reader

Product Overview

DILETTA provides passport readers and scanners for border control, passport issuance, airports, banks, and many other applications. With over 40 years of experience in the field of machine-readable passports and optical character recognition we can offer highly specialised and customised solutions.

DILETTA TDR900 Passport Scanner

Full page electronic passport scanner with UV-colour feature

e-Passport Full Page Reader

Passport Reader (discontinued models)

These products have been discontinued and are no longer available for purchase. However, support for the readers is still available, such as drivers, manuals, etc. Please visit our support section for more information.

DILETTA TDR700 - Full-Page ePassport Reader
DILETTA TDR200 - Half-Page Passport Reader

DILETTA TDR320 - OCR Swipe Reader
DILETTA TDR340 - OCR and MSR Swipe Reader
DILETTA TDR400 - OCR Swipe ePassport Reader

DILETTA TDK540 - Keyboard with integrated OCR and Magnetic Swipe Reader

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