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DILETTA Visa Printer

Secure Document Printer

Colour inkjet printer for visa labels, id-cards and other documents. Print birth, marriage and death certificates easily and securely.

Fast and secure visa issuing according to ICAO standard

The high international travel volume can be dated back to 1960 when the first high-volume aircraft was produced. Until now nearly all visas have been carried out manually.

Thus it is not surprising that the growth of travellers has led to an overloading of embassies and consulates.

In order to increase output speeds and security, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has developed a standard for Machine Readable Visas (MRV) - ICAO 9303 Part 2 and Machine Readable Travel Documents (MRTD) - ICAO 9303 Part 3.

Visa Printer for e-Visa Labels
Visa Printer for Birth and Marriage Certificates

Protect birth, marriage, and death certificates with confidence

Forged documents are often produced in order to obtain genuine documents of a higher value or with a higher target. For example, fake birth certificates are presented to an authority in order to obtain a genuine photo ID. The authenticity of any ID is only as good as the documents on which it is based.

Easily protect secure vital records like birth, marriage, and death certificates from forgery with DILETTA VisaPrinter and security ink solutions, designed specifically for government agencies to prevent fraud.

Two concepts - The perfect technology for your requirements

Most conventional inkjet printers are not able to handle small paper formats like visa labels and the ink comes without any security feature. So the imprint of the label is not according to international ICAO Standard and not readable by travel document readers installed at border controls.

DILETTA provides two different technologies for imprinting high secure machine readable visa labels. Depending on your requirement you can select between two different technologies:

for flexible document handling

The VisaPrinter SDP is a flat-bed inkjet printer. Every single document placed at the front-side moves straight inside the printer without bending and will be ejected after imprint at the front-side. Thus visa label can't peel off from carrier and printer will not influence or destroy an integrated RFID-chip. - read more -

Visa Printer SDP900 - Flat-Bed Printer for Visa Labels Visa Printer SDP800 - Flat-Bed Printer for Visa Labels

DILETTA VisaPrinter Barcode
for high-volume issuance of visa labels

The Visa Printers come with a high precision paper feeder which is able to draw in a single sheet of paper from a stack very accurate independent from paper size and paper weight. Before every print-job the integrated barcode reader captures the serial number of visa label. This means you can put a stack of labels in your DILETTA Visa Printer and print continuously visa labels. - read more -

Visa Printer Barcode for Visa Labels with Barcode

Visa Printer
discontinued models

These products have been discontinued and are not available for purchase. However support for the printers are still available such as printer drivers, manuals, etc. For more information, visit our support section.

Visa Printer SDP - Flat-Bed Printer for eVisa Visa Printer Barcode for Visa Labels with Barcode Visa Printer Barcode for Visa Labels with Barcode

Visa Printer Barcode for Visa Labels with Barcode
Visa Printer D88 for High Volume Visa Label Production

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