Fingerprint Reader DILETTA MBAS-Plus



Multi-Biometrics Acquisition Station

Combined fingerprint and face capturing reader

The DILETTA MBAS-Plus reader quickly and accurately processes two fingerprints simultaneously, captures face and guides applicant with integrated TFT screen.

Fingerprint Reader

Two fingerprints simultaneously
Capturing dry, sweaty and weak fingerprints
Liveness detection

Liveness detection
to prevent using fake fingers
Camera for face capturing

Face capturing
with integrated high-resolution camera
Symmetric Illumination

Symmetric illumination
from high-intensity LED light
LCD monitor to guide applicant

9.7 inch TFT monitor
to guide applicant while capturing biometric data

Fingerprint Reader

Multi-modal Biometric Terminal for Enrollment and Authentication

MBAS is an ergonomic, integrated kiosk to capture face and two fingerprint data. The kiosk minimizes enrolling time but acquires high-quality biometric data. For easier control, it adopts high-intensity LED, wide angle of view, two fingerprint sensors, and multispectral imaging technology for wet and dry fingers. For more flawless control, it offers high-performance camera & lens and world's best spoof detection technology. MBAS is the perfect solution to enrollment, immigration check, and border control.

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