Fingerprint Reader DILETTA MBAS-BS

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Multi-Biometrics Acquisition Station

Combined fingerprint and face capturing reader

The DILETTA MBAS-BS reader quickly and accurately processes four fingerprints simultaneously, captures face and guides applicant with integrated TFT screen.

Fingerprint Reader

Four fingerprints simultaneously
Capturing dry and sweaty fingerprints
Rolled Fingerprints

Rolled fingerprints
ideal for criminal investigation
Liveness detection

Liveness detection
to prevent using fake fingers
Camera for face capturing

Face capturing (optional)
with integrated high-resolution camera
Liveness detection

Integrated TFT monitor
to guide applicant to place correct fingers

Fingerprint Reader

Multi-Biometric Acquisition Station

Multi-Biometric Acquisition Station is a seamlessly integrated device to capture face and fingerprint data. The device minimizes time in enrolling biometric data, while it generates high-quality images in the real-world environments.

In order to capture good-quality facial images regardless of users’ various heights, Multi-Biometric Acquisition Station adopts 5MP autofocus camera that is controlled up and down to focus on a user’s face. The device employs LE sensor technology for flawless enrollment of 4+4+2 and rolled prints. The monitor displaying hassle-free messages for biometric data enables users to follow the capturing process smoothly.

Multi-Biometric Acquisition Station is the perfect solution to capture biometric data in a wide variety of areas such as immigration clearance, national ID, and e-passport / visa issuance.


Capture fingerprint