Imprimante pour les passeports

The world's most popular passport printing systems!
Since 1965, over 150 countries have chosen passport printers and passport typewriters from DILETTA.

Imprimantes jet d'encre pour passeports
DILETTA Imprimante pour passeports
DILETTA 800i Imprimante pour passeports
DILETTA 810i Imprimante pour passeports - Encre à pigment
DILETTA 820i Imprimante pour passeports - Encre fluorescente invisible
DILETTA 700i Passport Printer for the small office, embassy and consulate. Invisible UV colour imprint
DILETTA 600i (fin de série)

Système d'édition de passeports

Automated Passport Solution

Inline Passport Personalization System

DILETTA Passport Workstation One Fully automated high speed passport personalization
DILETTA PassProducer One Semi-automated high speed passport personalization system

Imprimante pour livret de famille

Imprimantes jet d'encre pour livret de famille
DILETTA 600iWF for family booklets up to 120x180mm (fin de série)

Imprimante pour visa

et documents d'identification

Imprimantes jet d'encre pour visa, carte d'identité et documents sécurité
DILETTA VisaPrinter
DILETTA VisaPrinter 5210 Barcode for high speed and volume visa issuance / with integrated barcode reader
DILETTA VisaPrinter SDP800 Series for flexible visa and document issuance
DILETTA VisaPrinter SDP for flexible visa and document issuance
DILETTA VisaPrinter SDP RFID with integrated RFID reader / writer

Laminateur pour les passeports

DILETTA Laminateur
DILETTA SpeedLam High Speed Laminator for ePassports
DILETTA CPL180HD Heavy Duty Laminator for Passports, Travel and ID-Documents
DILETTA CPL180HDF Passport Laminator with automatic passport input hopper
DILETTA CPL180HDS Passport Laminator with automatic passport output hopper
DILETTA CPL180HDFS Passport Laminator with automatic passport input and output hopper
DILETTA CPL150 Laminator for Passports, Travel and ID-Documents
DILETTA RL90 Passport Roll-Laminator for Automated or Manual Lamination

Lecteurs de passeport électroniques et de cartes d'identité

Lecteur OCR / Lecteur RFID / Lecteur de cartes magnétiques

DILETTA lecteurs de passeports
DILETTA TDR 700 Full Image ePassport Reader with UV-Colour Feature
DILETTA TDR 320 OCR Swipe Reader
DILETTA TDR 340 OCR Swipe Reader with integrated Magnetic Swipe Reader
DILETTA Clavier Keyboard with integrated OCR and Magnetic Swipe Reader

Sécurité pour les photos

Photo Cutter
DILETTA 1003S Photo Cutter
DILETTA 1003PG Photo Perforating and Embossing
Photo Adhesive


DILETTA PassBase Database Application
DILETTA PassEdit Passport Editor
ICAO 9303 SDK ActiveX SDK supporting the documented International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) standards described in the ICAO document 9303 for Machine Readable Lines

Document Canceling Machine and Shredder

Passport and Document Shredder

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