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For more than five decades DILETTA has been engaged in producing identity products and security systems for governments and other national institutions. DILETTA offers complete systems for centralized and decentralized personalization of high security travel documents which support all safety criteria, contactless chip technology and machine readable features. DILETTA systems are based on the most modern state-of-the-art technology and include the complete range of standard and unique security features. 

DILETTAs product range includes several kinds of printers in different technologies with integrated RFID contactless chip technology for e-passports and other travel documents. As well as optical readers, laminators for stand alone or inline operation and other equipments and tools like: embossing, cutting and sealing machines. No need to mention, that all security and machine readable features, such as high security inks, IR or UV-colors and others are part of DILETTA standard. More than standard, and one of DILETTA's most known preferences is it's flexibility to create new solutions, also on customers' demand.

With over 40,000 installations in more than 150 countries we have gathered an amazing expertise and ample experience. The systems bought by governments are used to print passports, military books, seaman's books, id cards, visa, driving licences etc. Through this worldwide experience DILETTA is adequately equipped to meet your every requirement.

60 years of excellence. DILETTA, your competent partner for personalisation systems, machine readable passports and travel documents.

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