Passport Printer DILETTA 530i & 550i


DILETTA 530i & 550i

High Speed Passport Printers

High speed colour inkjet passport printing systems with convenient front operation

Passport Printer

A new colour solution for passport offices

At DILETTA, our job is to make colour passport printing evermore convenient and fast. With this foremost in mind, we have designed a revolutionary passport printer that opens up a totally new realm for passport office colour printing - the new DILETTA 530i & 550i passport printers.

Despite its remarkably low price and compact size, it has various functions that meet or exceed all expectations. It features super high-speed printing with the utilization of a wide one-inch print head for a maximum 2400 dpi, high-quality image, plus space-saving design with convenient front operations. It also provides super low running costs and maintenance-free operation. The DILETTA 530i & 550i are fully expressive and able to meet on-demand needs quickly and effortlessly.

This is truly the colour passport solution for today's passport printing office.

Exceptional speed

The DILETTA 530i & 550i produce mono and colour passport prints at outstanding speeds, using impressive technology that combines bi-directional printing, high speed passport feeding for passports up to 128 pages and state-of-the art print head design. Standard ICAO passport pages are printed at up to 12 seconds in 'high quality' mode and 8 seconds in 'standard' mode.

With precision comes quality

The DILETTA 530i & 550i use a revolutionary 1-inch wide print head to fire tiny ink droplets only 4 pico litres in size, with remarkable precision. With a high-density design that uses 4480 individual ink nozzles for colour printing, the 530i & 550i produce consistent, high quality results. The printer automatically select optimal image resolutions (maximum of 1200 x 600 dpi for mono and 2400 x 1200 dpi for colour), making it simple to get exceptional print quality every time. Bright, fade resistant inks are also used to ensure prints last longer.


Gone are the days when the passport office experiences downtime due to periodic printer maintenance and parts replacement. Thanks to its revolutionary design, the 500i series is the worldwide first passport printer with a complete passport surface contactless and maintenance free passport transport system.

DILETTA Security and UV Colour Inks

With your DILETTA passport printer you can print individual UV features which are only visible under ultra violet light. DILETTA offers a wide range of various UV colours visible under light wave range 365 or 254 nm.

Passport with UV Feature

Learn more about Invisible UV Colour Inks

Installations in more than 70 countries worldwide

The DILETTA 500i Series Passport Printer has been installed in more than 70 countries worldwide

The advantages are:

  • No reduced print quality after a period.
  • No additional service and maintenance costs.
  • No ink stained or damaged documents
  • No misaligned imprint

Both the main printer unit and print head are incredibly durable, so changing one of the individual ink tanks is all you will ever likely need to do. However, telephone support is included in the price while optional ‘return to base’ service and on site support is also available when you need it – if you need it.

Network Compatible

The 530i & 550i are versatile enough to be quickly and easily connected to passport office networks and computers. USB2.0 is supported as standard. A 10/100base-TX Ethernet interface is also available as standard (DILETTA 550i) or as an option (DILETTA 530i). High quality colour business printing has never been so simple or accessible.

Once fitted with Diletta's optional TCP/IP, IPX/SPX Ethernet network card, the 500i series is ready to be plugged into a range of network systems. It is also compatible with NetSpot, a handy application that allows the status of all DILETTA printers connected to the network to be remotely monitored.

Perfect For The Passport Office Environment

Designed with the passport office in mind, the 500i series take up very little vertical space. Thanks to flat construction and a small, easily accessible control panel, it makes very effective use of limited office space. Even noise levels have been taken into consideration. Electrical consumption has also been addressed with the energy-saving design cutting usage to 40W or less during operation and 13W or less during standby.

Cost saving individual high-capacity ink tanks

The DILETTA 500i series comes standard with 370ml high capacity ink tanks (130ml for black and 80ml for each colour ink tank), allowing them to easily cope with large volume printing demands. The individual tanks eliminate ink wastage and make running costs extremely economical for both mono and colour prints.


Technical Specification

Configuration DILETTA 530i / 530iW DILETTA 550i / 550iW
Width x Depth x Height (530i / 550i) 488 x 504 x 269 mm³
Width x Depth x Height (530iW / 550iW) 605 x 540 x 269 mm³
Weight (530i / 550i) approx. 14 kg
Weight (530iW / 550iW) approx. 18 kg
Printer driver  
Windows Vista (32-Bit Editions) yes yes
Windows 2000, 2003 & XP yes yes
Windows NT or higher yes yes
Windows 98 / Millennium Edition yes yes
Mac OSX yes yes
Linux / UNIX no with generic PCL driver
PDL / Language  
PCL5c, Bi-directional PJI no yes
GARO (Graphic Arts language with Raster Options) yes yes
USB 2.0 (Universal Serial Bus) yes
Ethernet Network 10Base-T / 100-TX Base optional yes
CPU SH7709S - 133MHz 64bit RISC - 264MHz
RAM 16MB / 24MB (530iW) 128MB
Machine Readable Passports (MRP) yes, up to 128 pages
Printing time per MRP  
Standard print mode (plain paper mode) 5 - 8 sec.
High quality mode (plain paper mode) 9 - 12 sec.
Graphic print  
Resolution 2400 x 1200 dpi max.
Print head  
Nozzles for black 640 nozzles
Nozzles for each colour (cyan, magenta, yellow) 1280 nozzles
Ink tank capacity  
Black 130 ml
Colour (cyan, magenta, yellow) 80 ml, each
Printing (HQ) 46dB
Stand-by 30dB
Operating Environment  
Temperature 5 to 35 °C (41 to 95 °F)
Humidity 10 to 90% RH with no cond.
Stand-by 13W or less 25W or less
Printing mode 40W or less 55W on average

Available Cartridges

DC-120 Bk OCR-Black Colour Ink Cartridge:
Type Pigmented Ink
Capacity 120 ml
DC-120 UVBk OCR-Black + UV-Blue Colour Ink Cartridge: +
Type Pigmented Ink
Capacity 120 ml
DC-120 Y / Yellow Colour Ink Cartridge:
Type Dye Ink
Capacity 80 ml
DC-120 M / Magenta Colour Ink Cartridge:
Type Dye Ink
Capacity 80 ml
DC-120 C / Cyan Colour Ink Cartridge:
Type Dye Ink
Capacity 80 ml
DC-120 UVR / UV Red Colour Ink Cartridge:
Type Dye Ink
Capacity 80 ml
DC-120 UVG / UV Green Colour Ink Cartridge:
Type Dye Ink
Capacity 80 ml
DC-120 UVB / UV Blue Colour Ink Cartridge:
Type Dye Ink
Capacity 80 ml

All Diletta inks are compliant with following standards:

ISO 1073/II-1976
ISO 1831 - 1980

DIN 66008
DIN 66009
DIN 66223

ICAO 9303 Part 1-3

Diletta inks has been tested and approved by established security printers and forensic laboratories worldwide.

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