Passport Laminator DILETTA RL90 Series



Passport Laminating System
for Ultra-Thin Security Foil on Supply Roll

Infield updateable
Triple protection against overheating

Passport Laminator - Passport Laminating System


Laminates for Passports
Ultra-thin Security Foils
with Hologram and Kinegram®

The security foil

The laminate comes in roll format suitable for the DILETTA laminator. During the lamination, an approx. 50 micron polyester film deposits a 6 to 8 micron tamperevident coating on the passport page. The coating is available different features with registered images and non-registered repeating images / features (wallpaper)

Full control of all settings and status

The RL90 laminator comes with a software tool with three password protected operator levels for User, Supervisor and Administrator. In the user level the laminator displays all administrative information in order to advise the user in laminators use. The supervisor level allows to adjust the laminator to a specific foil. Temperature, laminating speed, positions and many further features can be set.

Passport Lamintor - Control Software

Available Features

Hologram or Kinegram®, wallpaper and registered

Optically Variable Devise Features
Micro and nano printing; fine line printing, incl. guilloche or fine line background patterns; hidden imagery, viewable with laser pen; scrambeled indicia; partial demetalized imagery;

Optically Variable Inks
Invisible and visible UV inks; color shifting inks; OVD inks; water soluble inks; polarized color shifting inks; energy convering inks; Advantage color shifting orange to green or transparent.

Security foil for Passports

Technical Specification

Configuration DILETTA RL90
Temperature Range 40 - 180 °C   (104 - 266 °F)
Laminating Speed 18 - 30 sec. per passport
Heat up time (130 °C) approx. 120 sec.
CPU 20 MHz micro controller
Laminating Method Heat roll, micro processor controlled
Machine Readable Passports (MRP) yes, up to 96 pages
RS-232-C (serial) yes
USB 2.0 with optional adapter
Width x Depth x Height 360 x 240 x 220 mm³
Weight approx. 16 kg
Source 100 - 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz
Consumption max. 450 W
Heat Lamp max. 300 W
Operating Environment  
Temperature Range 5 to 35 °C (41 to 95 °F)
Humidity 10 to 90% RH with no cond.

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Passport Laminator

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