High speed laminator for e-passports

Ultra High Speed Passport Laminator for Security Foil on Supply Roll

Passport Laminator - Passport Laminating System


  • Reel-to-reel overlay foil lamination - for registered or wallpaper overlay film and overlay patches
  • Alignment of laminate by printed registration mark or by holographic registration mark (optional)
  • Maximum reel diameter: 125 millimetre
  • Throughput: up to 400 passports / hour (only RL120+ and depending on laminate manufacturer)
  • Easy replacement of foil
  • Versions for left and right uncoiling laminates
  • Quick release clamping system for laminate core and take-up-roll
  • for paper and plastic cores
  • Thermal fuse and software control routines to protect against overheating
  • Lock for protection of foil against theft
  • Communication and configuration via PC
  • Automatic passport size adaption (length and height)
  • In-field updates of firmware via USB
  • Laminating time approx. 7 - 30 seconds per passport (depending on foil)
  • Manual or automatic (optional) operation
  • End-Of-Foil detection
  • Three internal counters
  • incl. PC-software for individual settings and communication with laminator

The security film

The laminate is supplied in a roll format suitable for the DILETTA laminator. During lamination, an approximately 50 micron polyester film deposits a 6 to 8 micron tamper evident coating onto the passport page. The coating is available with different features with registered images and unregistered repeating images/features (wallpaper).

Full control of all settings and status

The RL120 laminator is supplied with various software tools to adjust parameters or view the status of the laminator.

Passport Lamintor - Control Software

Available Features

Hologram or Kinegram®, wallpaper and registered

Optically Variable Devise Features
Micro and nano printing; fine line printing, incl. guilloche or fine line background patterns; hidden imagery, viewable with laser pen; scrambeled indicia; partial demetalized imagery;

Optically Variable Inks
Invisible and visible UV inks; color shifting inks; OVD inks; water soluable inks; polarized color shifting inks; energy converting inks; Advantage color shifting orange to green or transparent.

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