Passport Laminator DILETTA SpeedLam PL91



High Speed Laminator for e-Passports

Passport laminator for heat and pressure senstive passports

RFID compatible

Passport Laminator SpeedLam PL91

No thermal or mechanical stress to passport cover or contactless chip

The passport is inserted into the laminator in the open position. Only the data page and the laminate are heated. No pressure or heat is applied to the cover, the contactless chip and other pages.

Every passport with exceptional speed

The DILETTA SpeedLam PL91 can laminate any ICAO-compliant passport with 4 to 64 pages without any mechanical adaptation. Due to direct heat, the lamination time is only 4 - 14 seconds per passport respectively four up to twelve passports per minute (depending on model) 1).

Small Footprint

The DILETTA SpeedLam PL91 internal structure has been designed to realize a compact size. It requires only a limited installation space - Allowing it to be installed freely. By specially designing the internal structure it has been possible to incorporate the functions in a compact and simple square sheet form, without wasting space.


Specially designed for lamination of e-passports or passports with heat sensitive cover
No thermal or physical stress on the cover and contactless chip
Lamination time of approx. 4 - 14 seconds per passport 1)
Laminates every passport from 4 up to 64 pages without mechanical adjustment
Compact and stylish, with high performance design features
Produce quality results over extended periods of professional use
Perfect results on passport lamination
High Speed Temperature Adjustment - Quick warm-up time
Flexible design with possibility to add extra features and adjust to specific customer needs

Technical Specification

Configuration PL91 - 1 PL91 - 2 PL91 - 3
Width x Depth x Height 205 x 195 x 185 mm 205 x 195 x 215 mm
Weight approx. 5 kg approx. 5 kg
Laminating Temperature Range up to 160 °C  (optional 200 °C)
Supported documents ICAO compliant passport, or smaller
Thickness max. 64 pages
Speed control fixed speed adjustable speed
Laminating time (per ICAO passport) 1) approx. 14 sec. 4 - 14 sec.
Laminating time (passports per minute) 1) up to 4 up to 12
Operating Environment  
Temperature 5 to 35 °C (41 to 95 °F)
Humidity 20 to 80% RH with no cond.
Power supply  
Voltage 100-127V 50/60Hz 220-240V 50/60Hz 100-250V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption  
Off 0 W
Maximum max. 260 W

1) Lamination time depends on the paper and film to be laminated.
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Made in Germany