High Secure Passports


High Security e-Passport

DILETTA Security and UV Colour Inks

Passport with printed full colour UV ghost photo under UV light

With your DILETTA passport printer you can print individual UV features which are only visible under ultra violet light. This e-passport has been printed with a full colour UV ghost image and passport number printed in UV blue. Machine readable lines are copied in invisible UV colours to protect against alteration attacks. You can select between various UV colours.

Passport with UV Ghost Image

Passport with visible and invisible UV colour ghost image

This e-passport has been printed with a visible ghost image and an invisible UV colour ghost image; passport number printed in UV blue; and passport holder's name in two tone UV colours.

Passport with visible and invisible UV Ghost Image

Passport with printed data page in UV colours

This passport page has been printed with invisible UV colour inks. Only under UV-A or UV-C light the data will become visible. Copying the data page to the opposite page makes falsification more difficult and ensures a simple verification.

Passport printed with UV Colour Ink

Passport printed with UV black

This passport has been printed with the DILETTA UV black cartridge. All areas printed with black illuminates in blue under UV light.

Passport printed with UV Black

Decoding of invisible printed information with decoding lens

Passport with digital hidden information inside holder's photo. With special lens Information become visible. Furthermore there is a green 'Ghost Image' on the right side containing holder's data as micro-text. Optional encoding software required.

hidden information inside photo

High Security Ink

IR and UV Readable Inks

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