Flatbed Inkjet Printer for Visa Labels



Secure Document Printer with optional RFID Reader/Writer

The new dimension in travel document printing.
Colour inkjet flat-bed printing system for eVisa, eID-Cards and other eDocuments.

Visa Printer for e-Visa and conventional visa labels

Not all printing looks alike
DILETTA VisaPrinter SDP print looks different - it is premium quality.

DILETTA VisaPrinter SDP sets high targets for travel document printing. Whether on standard paper, teslin or directly on security paper - this printer is a real expert. Its real life-like colours are clean, bright and reliable for many years.

The new Power Printer. Professional down to the detail.

Multi functional flat bed - it prints in black and white or in colour, onto a wide range of paper weights and paper sizes. As a user you will enjoy its flexibility for a large number of applications. The extra large ink storage tanks support efficient operation.

Well equipped for future tasks.

The big increase in international travel activities and the need for adequate security measures require fast control of secure travel documents. Individual security features have become international standard such as digitally printed photographs, security ink, machine-readable code lines, biometric data as contained in 2-dimensional barcodes (fingerprint, eyescan), and so on - all these features are already supported by DILETTA VisaPrinter SDP.

Excellent Quality. All Security-Standards
for example 2D-barcode

Colour Print Perfection.

For those who rely on top print quality DILETTA VisaPrinter SDP offers an excellent choice. Each document will show laser-like printed colours and clearly defined shades. A first-class printing quality on all type of security papers. Not only the printing of the machine-readable lines and the visual zones are of top quality but there is also the impressive colour photograph printing. Two parallel installed print heads manage the job - the colour print head for the photograph with up to 4800 dpi and black print head for the machine readable print with up to 1200 dpi.

DILETTA VisaPrinter SDP sets the professional standard for colour printing in embassies and consulates.

The 5 colour print performed by DILETTA

Compared to the 3 colours the photograph print head contains five colours: The basic colours are cyan, magenta, yellow and additionally photocyan, photomagenta plus black from black print head. This multi colour truly reproduces the original photograph.

Thick or thin documents? Easy!

DILETTA VisaPrinter SDP handles a wide range of different print requirements: It can print directly onto every visas, ID cards, driving licences, registration document and many more. The VisaPrinter is the worldwide first colour inkjet flat-bed printer with a single sheet feeder with automatic adjustment of documents and detection of margin - independent where you inserted the document. With this printer you can imprint all documents from biggest A4+ down to the smallest paper formats (55 x 70 mm). Before every printjob the printer measures the position of the inserted document.

DILETTA VisaPrinter SDP also handles a variety of print material such as thin paper through to carton box material, security paper, coated paper, overhead projection films (OHP), glossy photo paper, teslin, etc. All print results are of a high quality with brilliant colours and crisp, black text.

Flat-bed Visa Printer

Flexible handling of printed documents
Capable of printing onto everything from
a A4+ sheet through to smallest ID cards.

RFID Contactless Chip Reader and Writer (optional)

You can equip your DILETTA VisaPrinter SDP with an optional integrated contactless chip reader / writer. So you can write in one-pass the holders information before the print process. This avoids writing of wrong information into the visa during a two step process, may caused by an operator mistake. The module supports all ISO 14443 type A and ISO 14443 type B chips with a transfer rate up to 848 kBit/s on Air Interface.

Ethernet 10/100 TCP/IP (optional)

Connects printers directly to the network allowing users of different operating systems to share printer resources. The Ethernet Adapter is the easy way of connecting a DILETTA VisaPrinter SDP to an Ethernet network. Instead of attaching your printer locally to the PC, use the Ethernet Adapter and free computing resources. The main benefit is that it allows you to share your printer with other workgroup members, and compared to a PC it will handle printing faster, more reliably and more efficiently.

Technical Specification 1)

Configuration SDP Light SDP Standard SDP RFID
Width x Depth x Height 447 x 235 x 145 mm³
Weight approx. 7 kg
Dimensions with optional feeder  
Width x Depth x Height 447 x 382 x 207 mm³
Weight approx. 10 kg
Printer driver  
Windows XP & Vista yes
Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (32- & 64-bit versions) yes
Media Types (ICAO Doc. 9303 part 1-3)  
Machine Readable Passbooks (MRP) no
Machine Readable Visa (MRV) yes
Machine Readable ID-Cards (MRID) yes
A4, A4+, A5, B5, Letter, Letter+, Legal yes
RFID feature  
Integrated RFID Module optional yes
Paper feeder  
Manual Feeder Sensor controlled flat-bed paper feeder with
auto alignment and auto paper edge detection
Sheet Feeder no optional for max. 250 pages
Media dimensions (manual feeder)  
Width min. 55 mm - max. 220 mm
Length min. 70 mm - max. 600 mm
Media dimensions (with optional feeder)  
Width --- min. 185 mm - max. 220 mm
Length --- min. 180 mm - max. 360 mm
IEEE 1284 Centronics / Parallel bi-directional yes
USB 2.0 compatible yes
Ethernet 10/100/1000, TCP/IP optional
Printing time  
Printing Speed up to 12 pages per minute
Monochrome up to 1200 dpi
Colour up to 4800 x 1200 dpi
Input Voltage 100 to 240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz
Printing mode max. 32 W
Stand-by max. 4 W
Switched off max. 2 W

Available Cartridges

DC-80 OCR-ink cartridge: black ink tank
Print head 416 nozzles
Output Frequency max. 18 kHz
Ink Capacity 19 ml
DC-81 Colour cartridge: Y/M/C ink tank
Print head (3 colours) 300 nozzles
Output Frequency max. 21 kHz
Ink Capacity 17 ml

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