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DILETTA PassProducer One

Halbautomatische Personalisierung von Reisepässen

Ultra-kompakte halbautomatische Reisepass-Personalisierung

für elektronische Reisepässe mit kontaktlosem Chip

PassProducer One

Überragende Geschwindigkeit

Der DILETTA PassProducer One erstellt farbige oder monochrome Reisepässe mit überragender Geschwindigkeit. Hierfür kombiniert er bi-direktionale Druckkopf-Technologie mit Hochgeschwindigkeits-Passtransport, Chip-Kodierung und Laminieren von Folie auf Rolle in einem automatisierten System.

Farbdruck in Perfektion

For those who rely on top print quality DILETTA PassProducer One offers an excellent choice. Each passport page will show laserprinted contours and clearly defined shades. A first-class printing quality on all security type of papers. Not only the printing of the machine-readable lines and the visual zones are of top quality but there is also the impressive colour photograph printing. This is achieved by the high performance of the print head which has a resolution of up to 4800 dpi (dots per inch). Two parallel installed print heads manage the job – DILETTA PassProducer One sets the professional standard for colour printing in the passport issuing office.

Automatisierung auf kleiner Fläche

The DILETTA PassProduer One's internal structure has been designed to realize a compact size. It requires only a limited installation space - Allowing it to be installed freely. By specially designing the internal structure it has been possible to incorporate the functions in a compact and simple form, without wasting space. Its compact size allows installation on any desktop.

Tintentanks mit hoher Kapazität

DILETTA PassProducer One cares for the needs of a busy passport issuing office. The specially developed individual ink tanks can be exchanged easily independent and make running costs extremely economical for both mono and colour prints. The DILETTA Inliner comes standard with 150 ml high capacity ink tanks (66 ml for black and 28 ml for each colour ink tank), allowing them to easily cope with large volume printing demands.

Tanks mit Sicherheitstinte

Einfacher Tausch der Tintentanks

The full front operation allows the easy exchange of each individual ink tank by the operator.

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