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RFID and OCR Reader

The Reader for Machine Readable Travel Documents

What functionality supplies the DILETTA TDR400 e-document reader with OCR?

DILETTA's TDR400 e-document reader with OCR is an ISO14443 smart card reader combined with an OCR (Optical Character Reader). The combined reader is specially developed to read ISO14443-4 e-documents with a MRZ (Machine Readable Zone).
RFID Reader / OCR Reader

The ISO14443-4 part is a communication interface for ISO 14443-4 commands. The reader provides a transport mechanism for ISO 14443-4 card commands via PCSC/CCID or Integrated Engineering's T=CL reader protocol. The Host controls full functionality of the readers including card communication, LED's and Buzzer.

The OCR part sends the MRZ of the swiped e-document to the host through USB. The MRZ can be used by the host for Basic Access Control (BAC) or other purposes.

The DILETTA TDR 400 e-document reader is fully compatible with the Golden Reader Tool of Federal Office for Information Security (BSI)

What advantage does the DILETTA TDR400 ISO 14443-4 reader offer?

DILETTA comes with a pure ISO 14443-4 interface without incorporating any ISO 14443-4 card specific elements. This makes the reader suitable for all existing and in the future yet to develop ISO14443 level 4 cards and card operating systems. The reader supports ISO14443A and ISO14443B in one.

Chip to reader communication speed.

The ISO 14443-4 reader provides automatic speed detection for chip communication. This ensures optimal chip communication. It is of course possible to set the reader for a fixed chip communication speed. Available chip communication speeds: 106, 212, 424 and 848 kbps.

High-speed large data block transfers.

Integrated Engineering's ISO 14443-4 reader provides parallel data processing capabilities for high-speed transfer of large data blocks. For example reading 64k byte of a Smart MX 72k card in 4.7 seconds, which is compliant to ICAO specifications.

Anti-eavesdropping device.

The data in the e-document can be protected from unauthorized access via Basic Access Control (BAC) and or shielding. Without BAC the data is not encrypted. Both security features only provide protection against unauthorized access of the RFID data. The moment the data is read by an authorized reader, and not using BAC, the data is transmitted without additional security and could be eavesdropped. Integrated Engineering's optional anti-eavesdropping device prevents the collection and interpretation, for example at a border checkpoint, of the passports chip data during the communication between the e-document and the reader

Host SDK (Software Development Kit).

The Host SDK allows for easy integration of ISO 14443-4 contact less smart card functionality in your application. The SDK consists of documentation, examples source code and support tools.

What is ISO 14443?

ISO 14443 is a standard for 13.56 MHz contact less smart cards. ISO 14443 provides reliable communication and is well proven. ISO 14443 consists of four levels:
  • ISO 14443-1: Physical characteristics.
  • ISO 14443-2: RF power and signal interface.
  • ISO 14443-3: Initialisation and anti collision.
  • ISO 14443-4: Transmission protocol.

What is the difference between ISO 14443A and ISO 14443B?

There are two ISO 14443 implementations type A and type B. They differ considerably in modulation techniques (ISO 14443-2), card selection techniques (ISO 14443-3) and communication methods (ISO 14443-4).

What is ISO 14443-4 T=CL?

ISO 14443-4 is the transport protocol for contact less smart cards. It describes the methods of how to communicate with the contact less smart cards. ISO 14443-4 describes how to send commands to and receive information from the cards.

What is PCSC/CCID?

PCSC is an interoperability specification for smart cards and personal computer systems. The specification describes a standard for personal computers to communicate with smart cards. CCID is a specification for chip/smart card interface devices to eliminate the need for device specific devices.

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