Pass-Laminator - DILETTA CPL150



Laminator for e-Passports

The new dimension in travel document laminating. Laminating system for e-passports.

Passport Laminator

This new generation DILETTA high quality laminating machine is specially designed for laminating all kind of passport booklets. The CPL150 has a pre-set laminating temperature and speed, adjusted to specific applications and non accessible for operators to avoid bad end results. Temperature as well as speed is very stable (Temp: ±2 °C) during the entire laminating process. The hybrid heating system has a superb temperature stability by means of a unique combination of hybrid heater element with positioned temperature controller. Perfect end-result is guaranteed.

The Temperature Sensor is integrated in the heating element and constantly measures the exact temperature of the heating elements. It feeds the controller board with very accurate information about the heating. Hence, the PCB is capable of constantly sending small adjustments to the heating making sure the system delivers constant laminating temperature throughout the entire process. The temperature amplitude never exceeds ±2 °C.


Compact and stylish, with high performance design features
Produce quality results over extended periods of professional use
Built to the highest specifications of hot roller technology
Perfect results on passport lamination
Hybrid Heating System
Easy Operation due to pre-adjusted application specific settings which can not be changed by operator.
High Speed Temperature Adjustment - quick warm-up time
Diamond-coated, teflonized heating elements for scratch-resistant performance
Extremely high lamination accuracy
Flexible design with possibility to add extra features and adjust to specific customer needs

Technical Specification

Width x Depth x Height 320 x 200 x 107 mm³
Weight approx. 6.5 kg
Laminating Temperature Range up to 190 °C
Width max. 150 mm
Thickness max. 3.5 mm
Laminating speed 150 mm/min
Laminating time (MRP) approx. 33 sec.
Power supply  
Voltage 220 - 240V, 50 / 60Hz
Power Consumption max. 425 W
Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
DILETTA does not assume any liability for completeness or accuracy in form and contents.

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