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Press Releases & News

2018-12 DILETTA introduces new DILETTA TDR900 Full-Page ePassport Reader
The DILETTA TDR900 is a compact full-page reader for reading various types of documents such as travel documents, 1D & 2D barcodes, and ID cards. Outfitted with a 5MP sensor, a quality lens and software engines, the reader scans images at high resolution and shows superb accuracy for optical character data and RF chip data.

2018-09 DILETTA introduces semi-automatic DILETTA PassProducer One
The DILETTA PassProducer One is a semi-automatic passport production system which imprints the holder's data, encodes the biometric information into contactless chip and protects the data sheet with a foil overlay in just one single step.

2018-03 DILETTA introduces new DILETTA VisaPrinter Barcode 5210
The DILETTA VisaPrinter Barcode 5210 comes with an integrated Barcode Reader which captures the serial number of the visa label before every print job. This avoids typing errors and increases the output.

2018-02 DILETTA introduces the sophisticated DILETTA VisaPrinter SDP800 Series
The DILETTA VisaPrinter SDP800 Series come with an advanced flat-bed paper transport system. The paper moves straight through the printer - Thus protects the contactless chip during personalisation and avoids that the visa label gets pealed off from the carrier. The transport mechanism automatically aligns (deskew) the documents and the integrated sensor detects the top-left margin for accurate printing.

2018-01 DILETTA introduces the state-to-the-art DILETTA RL120 Passport Laminator (Right-To-Left Version)
The DILETTA RL120 RTL Passport Laminator can laminate almost all right-to-left unwinding laminates on supply roll available in the market. The laminator comes with the same sophisticated features like the standard RL120 Desktop Passport Laminator.

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